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Homemade foam stamps

13 augustus 2013

The tutorial for making stamps with rubber foam in dutch was such a succes, that I decided to translate it in english. So lots more people can enjoy the fun of homemade foam stamps.

rubber foam, sheet about 2mm thick
wooden blocks
doublesided stickytape
ballpoint pen
ink pads
You can also use punches or a die cutting machine for making the foam shapes.

Trace your wooden block on the foam for measuring purposes. If you work within the traced lines, you can be sure the shapes will fit the block. Cut out your shape or text and use dooublesided sticky tape to stick it on the wooden block. When you’re going to make text stamps, make sure to reverse the letters! If you’re a neat cutter, or using a punch, you can also use the left over foam. That way you will have both a positive and negative stamp.

By using a ballpoint pen you can also make really nice stamps. It’s like you’re carving a figure or pattern into the foam. Draw or write something on the foam using a lot of pressure. Maybe you need to go over the design a few times to make the lines deep enough. With these stamps you get a negative print. Really nice to copy drawings of your children. And again, when using letters or numbers, mirror them to get the stamped image right.
Have fun stamping.
I would love to see what kind of foam stamps you make. You can leave a link in the comments.

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