Spring naar inhoud

Sunflowers in the window | Silhouette cutting idea | freebie

1 september 2013

The end of August, about time we changed the seasons decoration. The trees of spring have been up for long enough now.
In our garden are some lovely sunflowers. And around the neighbourhood I’m starting to see more and more of them. Those lovely bright flowers would do well on our window. I used Silhouette Studio to design two different flowershapes and had my Cameo cut them in different sizes out of 12”*12” cardstock : dark & light yellow. Together with the flowers, I also cut some random circles to serve as eyes.
To bring the flowers to live I sponged some brown and yellow acrylic paint on the edges. To suggest petals I painted some shadows as well. The sunflower eyes got the same treatment. If you haven’t got paint, you could also use some Tim Holtz Distress Ink for this.
After the paint dried, I put the sunflowers together with some tacky glue. Some got a double flower and they all got a nice dark eye. Then I used a removalble coat (a washable mod podge) to stick the sunflowers on the glass of the window.
Would you like some sunflowers about the house? I saved my cuttingfile and made it available for downloading. Just click here. I would love to see your projects, so feel free to leave a link to your blog or pictures in the comments.

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