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Weekly Colourchallenge | Kick off

2 september 2013

So many times I hear people say: ‘I’m not creative’. I don’t believe that. I always respond that ‘everyone has some creativity in them’. The trick is to make it work.
To prove my point, I am going to challenge you. From now until the end of October I will pick three colours each week. And I challenge you to do something with those colours.
Use the colours to coordinate your outfit, knit a beanie hat, make your grocery list, origami some lucky stars, write a letter. Or photograph some objects around the house in those colours, make a drawing or painting, arrange some flowers. Maybe adapt your lunch or diner to contain these colours, or do your household cleaning this week using only the products that have this weeks colours. Use magazin clippings to make a collage, hang new pictures on your wall, make some bunting, even rearranging your books to match the 3 given colours. Anything will do. Anything? Yes, anything. And try to have fun, it’s not a chore. 🙂

Whatever you do with the colours given that week, take a picture and drop a link in the comments of that weeks challenge. Or post it on my facebookpage.
First colourchallenge week starts today September 2nd and the last one (of eight) will be posted October 21st. All challenges will be open until the end of October, so you can join at your own pace. You don’t have to participate in all 8 challenges, there’s no wrong and no right, there will be no winners and certainly no losers. I will collect all the projects and make an overview of all your creativity.


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