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Weekly Colourchallenge | Week 2

9 september 2013

It’s Monday. So it is time to announce the colourchallenge for week 2. I recieved great pictures for last weeks challenge and I know some of you are working on it. So I am looking forward to see how this weeks colours can jumpstart your creativity.
The colours for week 2 are


I saw these colours together in a bunch of felttips and that was my inspiration for this week. Remember, colours come in many shades and grey could just as well be silver. Look around, maybe yo can see the colours in nature or in your interior. So what has sight got to do with creativity, you may ask. Well, trying to see upcoming traffic in order to safely cross the road, hasn’t. But looking at the world around you to find that one special spot to photograph, to find one or more specific colours, that has everything to do with being creative. It is training your eyes, your brain to see extraordinary things in the everyday objects.
Don’t like photographing, rather do something with your hands? Get coloured paper and start making something with it, For instance tear irt up and make a collage with the pieces. Or take some felttips and make a drawing with them. Even if it’s only a few lines, just put pen to paper and enjoy it. It’s not about making at. These challenges are all about finding your own creativity. And about having fun. Good luck all!
For full details on how to participate, read the kick off blogpost

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